Our Journey

March 2010 referred to ob/gyn. blood tests normal. no ultrasound. tentative DX of pcos. put on metformin 500mg twice daily, and provera to induce periods. also taking prenatals and baby aspirin.
December 2010 officially actively TTC.
September 2011 doc says no to clomid. wants me to lose 25lbs first. start bbt and opk.
July 2012 decide to take a break from bbt and opk and just "see what happens".
December 2012 found new ob/gyn. blood tests normal. ultrasound confirms pcos. formulate plan to start clomid and resume bbt and opk. metformin increased to 1,000mg twice daily. all other meds the same.
January 2013 semen analysis passed with flying colors! sperm count above average!
February 2013 first clomid cycle 50mg = chart and blood test confirms no ovulation.
April 2013 second clomid cycle 100mg = 21 day progesterone level @ 0.9
May 2013 third clomid cycle 150mg =

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